Stanija is an endlessly sensual, magically charismatic, and intelligent young lady. But is she a joyful angel or a model everyone adores? Does it matter?

Stanija Dobrojevic is a Serbian socialite, glamour model, and media personality.

Stanija’s star power brought her more than 1.5 million followers on Social media. 1.5 million followers on Instagram is a mighty influence for a small Balkan country of 8.7 million people. Serbia’s Social media ratings consistently rate Stanija is among the top three of Serbia’s most followed Social Media personalities and influencers.

Stanija is known as ‘Serbian Kim Kardashian’ in the Balkans and part of Europe due to her star power influence and the effect she has on the media and public.

Stanija was born on March 17th, 1985. in Croatia, she has been living in the USA since 2008.

The Murder of her father in 1995 during the war in former Yugoslavia significantly affected Stanija’s life. Stanija’s father was an economist and a politician, a man of exceptional authority and reputation. After this tragic event, Stanija moved to
Serbia with her mother and a younger brother Sani so they could peacefully grow up and attend school. Stanija was always an excellent student in both primary and high school. Her academic success allowed her to enroll in prestigious University of Economics, from which she graduated with the highest honors. Her brother Sani graduated from the University of Veterinarian Sciences and is presently a very successful Veterinarian in Serbia.
Despite their tough childhood, Stanija and Sani became highly educated and proud academic citizens of Serbia.

Stanija Dobrojevic became a TV star by participating in the most extreme Reality TV show, “Survivor,” shot in Costa Rica. After the “Survivor,” Stanija took part in the Reality TV Show “Farma4”. “Farma4” brought Stanija the most fame and recognition. She won second place and the hearts of many people throughout the Balkans. She was officially a Serbian national sweetheart! From that moment on, Stanija became known as the busiest girl in Serbia. Numerous magazines featured Stanija on the cover pages as she became the spokesperson for various beauty, nutrition, and fitness products. Stanija then joins the crew of the Reality TV Show “Farma6”. This time she was determined to win it all. Stanija also participated as a guest star in the Zadruga reality show. The success of reality shows made Stanija Balkan’s highest-paid reality star.

Stanija always wanted to travel the world. So, throughout her college years, she had an opportunity to experience a “Work & Travel” program in America. During this program, she worked in Atlantic City as a Black Jack Dealer for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, with a basic salary of around $1000 per week. Stanija lived very humbly and, in the first three years of working for Harrah’s saved more than $100,000. Money earned in the US helped Stanija become financially independent early in life.

So, how did Stanija become one of the most famous women in the Balkans?

In 2010 Stanija participated in Playboy magazine’s most beautiful model competition in New Jersey, USA, and she won! After this contest, she had the privilege of staying in the Playboy mansion and meeting Hugh Heffner himself. Legendary Hugh Hefner was mesmerized by Stanija’s beauty and charisma. At the time, Playboy magazine produced a hugely popular reality show, “Girl next door.” Therefore Stanija’s victory gained significance.

She then caught the eye of the Serbian public as the first and only Serbian woman to be recognized by Playboy magazine as one of the most beautiful women in the world. During the same time, the international public became interested in Serbia due to the unprecedented success of Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic. The American magazine “Complex” featured the Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Serbia. The “Complex” magazine introduced Stanija Dobrojevic as the Serbian Sex Symbol. Shortly after this publication, “Maxim”, “CKM” and “Playboy” magazines featured Stanija’s spectacular beauty.

Stanija also had a brief acting stint in the popular Crime show Zvezdara, where she played a girlfriend of a notorious criminal.Shortly after, Stanije started her singing and music production project in Serbia. Backed by the finest musicians and producers Stanija published her first hit single, “Glavni akteri” (Main Characters). The single became an overnight success, with over one million YouTube views in 24h. This sole hit enabled Stanija to perform in clubs all over Europe, throughout Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany. Stanija was unprepared for the demands of a career in the Music industry, which involved nonstop traveling, stress, tension, tv shows participation, endless interviews, and paparazzi. Feeling she was losing herself, Stanija decided to retreat to USA, where she could recuperate and enjoy a private life. Her team was very upset about her decision to quit the music business so in retaliation went on to delete all her songs, recordings and her youtube channel.

Stanija’s love life has always intrigued the public the most. As one of the most attractive girls in the Balkans, she was always the target of the most powerful men from different spheres of life, such as politicians and athletes.

Her short and scandalous love affair with the Serbian national football team player Gojko Kacar was at the center of media attention for a long time. However, after the experience with Kacar, Stanija tried to keep her love life away from the public eye.

However, Stanija maintained only long-term relationships. She dated her first boyfriend Marko for five years, her second boyfriend Sareni for six years… The media also relentlessly followed her last long-term relationship with the fashion model Marko Markovic. The media and public considered Stanija and Marko to be the perfect and beautiful couple. However, Stanija abruptly ended the relationship with Marko. This sudden breakup left the public and fans wondering what had happened. After the split, she returned to America, where very little is known about her life.

Stanija’s team wants her to use her education and star power to join the political life in Serbia and continue her father’s legacy, who gave his life to Serbia. But, for now, Stanija remains involved with humanitarian work supporting abandoned children and donating to Serbian monasteries.

Her future is yet to be written.