Stanija Dobrojevic


Stanija Media Figure

Media Figure

Stanija is a celebrated media icon in Serbia, her name has become synonymous with fame, glamour, and controversy. From her humble beginnings in Serbia, she has risen to become one of the most influential media figures in the Balkans and beyond. Her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, taking her from the prestigious pages of magazines to the screens of TVs and into the hearts of millions.
Her journey from competing in reality shows like “Survivor Costa Rica,” “Farm,” and “Zadruga” to acting in the series “Zvezdara.” Not to mention her foray into the music scene, enchanting audiences with her hit song “Glavni Akteri” during electrifying performances at Europe’s most renowned clubs. With a massive following on social media, every post she makes becomes a headline, sparking discussions throughout different media channels
Stanija has also faced challenges due to her fame. She has dealt with rumors and falsehoods spread to increase newspaper sales and online clicks. However, she has successfully confronted these falsehoods in courts of justice, emerging victorious.
However, it is Stanija’s love life that truly intrigues the public. Beyond her media career, Stanija has become a trusted face of prestigious brands in Serbia and beyond. She has also taken her passion for beauty care and body supplements to the next level, launching her own brand, Organic Cosmetics.